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    Sable Metal Recycling is pleased to announce the services of TREKK’s Total Nutirition for Pets.  TREKK’s Total Nutrition for Pets will be the distributo in Fort Nelosn and area for the Earth Options/Pets First pet foods.


    picture of girl sitting in a grass hcuddling her puppy     Our mission  – Helping our furry families live longer and healthier lives!



    Our Earth Options diets strive for excellence in nutrition and freshness. Our recipes are superior to any in the marketplace. We meet or exceed AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) as well as CVMA (Canadian Veterinary Medical Association) standards. We only use the finest ingredients. Our bags are stamped with the date of manufacture so you always know just how fresh the food really is. We strive to keep you informed and have never made a decision that negatively impacts the quality of our foods, our ingredients or our service.


    The majority of our raw ingredients are found close to our manufacturing facility and we can tell exactly where each ingredient originates.  We secure the freshest possible source for our recipes while helping reduce our carbon paw print.  We feel it’s the finest and freshest pet food available today. Our guarantee is that your furry family is offered the best nutrition that money can buy. Your Peace of Mind is our mission. We also balance our Omega Fatty acid profiles so that our furry families can be assured of healthy immune systems and shiny healthy coats and you as their Guardians can be assured that you are providing the best in quality nutrition.


    Fresh ingredients and uncompromising Quality Control

    Fresh is ALWAYS best.  We have ALWAYS been very diligent about freshness.  That is why we source only the best and get our finished foods to you as directly as we can.  Regular pet stores – NO WAY.  Large Distributor WAREHOUSES not a chance.


    Our Earth Options recipes include:


    Zero Beef, Zero Wheat, Zero Corn, Zero Soy

    with Prebiotics and Probiotics

    Available in 10 lb/4.54 kg   (77.00) or 25 lb/11.36 kg  (41.00) sizes



    Zero beef, Zero corn, Zero wheat, Zero soy, Zero gluten

    with whole fruits and vegetables

    Available in 10 lb/4.54 kg  or 25 lb/11.36 kg  sizes



    Moderate Protein, Moderate Fat, Moderate Fibre with Prebiotics and Probiotics, Glucosamine and Chondroitin

    Available in 10lb/4.54 kg  or 25 lb/11.36 kg sizes


    Zero Poultry, Zero Beef, Zero Wheat, Zero Corn, Zero Soy

    with added Prebiotics and Probiotics

    Available in 10 lb/4.54 kg  or 25 lb/11.36 kg sizes



    FELINE INDOOR – Optimal Weight

    Available in 10 lb/4.54 kg or 20 lb/9.07kg sizes

    Personal experience with these foods is that they are a high quality, easily digestable food.  As a result when you purchase foods from TTREK’s Toal Nutiritin for Pets, you will find that less goes in the front end and less comes out the back end.  When you feed by the suggested guidelines, a bag will last…..a 25 lb bag  of dog food lasts me for a month give or take a couple of days with 2 big dogs and a 20 lb bag of cat food will last me about 6 weeks with 3 cats.  In the long run, it is definitely cheaper than buying cheap food that does not fill them up and weakens their immune system leading to more vet visits.  Call TTREK’s Total Nutrition for Pets and get your pet food today!


    S&G Arina Bernese, Aldergrove BC

    We breed and show Bernese Mountain Dogs and have been using Pets First diets since October of 1995. We found our dogs don’t have hot spots or other skin problems and their orthopedics as well as longevity have been well above average for the breed. The savings on vet bills is huge. We also rescue Bernese- some of the rescues have a variety of skin and digestion problems. Pets First, their various Earth Options specialized recipes and their knowledgeable staff have made it easy to find the right combination and sort out the problems. Their wonderful breeder program earns us credits when our puppy owners buy the food. This greatly helps offset our breeding costs.


    LA Calgary AB

    In 2004 we started feeding Pets 1st dog food to our two dogs, ages 1+2 years old. The male was having dandruff and hair loss. We had tried a few different foods with no results. We were at a trade fair and discovered Pets 1st.

    Within 3 weeks we noticed a significant difference. The male had stopped flaking and his hair was thicker and shinny, too.

    These are show dogs and we needed top looking dogs, and now and they are.

    We are breeders, so we require excellent show dogs in every way.

    We have recommended Pets 1st dog and cat food to several dog and cat owners. They have all solved their health issues, and they thank us all the time.



    For more information visit

    We are CANADIAN and very proud of our history in the pet industry.